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competitors analisys

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marketing, lead generation, competitors analisys, social selling

How to Reach Your Competitors Audience

Competitors audience is a powerful lead generation source. It could boost your sales or give priceless information, in case you know how to reach it. Reaching out to those people could build a new acquisition channel for your business. I'd like to describe an approach that could bring up to 250 warm leads to your business every month. 1. Identify your competitors There is no business without competitors unless of course you are Elon Musk. Knowing your competitors is crucial for a number of reasons. Almost all competitors have social channels. Twitter is a must-have if you are a SaaS

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marketing, lead generation, competitors analisys

Know Your Customers

What's the most important metric by which you measure the success of your company? There are numerous different opinions on this topic, but I bet all the entrepreneurs would say that it's growth. Paul Graham has a wonderful blog post, there he says, is one most important goal that all startups should achieve - to grow faster. A startup is a company designed to grow fast Whatever your primary metric is, the growth of your business is equivalent to the growth of your customer base. Or if you prefer - the growth of the sales. In both cases, the primary

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