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Social Media and Marketing

The fundamentals of building a startup are relatively easy if you’re willing to exert maximum effort to maintain customer relations. Conversely, it can be a tragedy if you don’t put the required energy. And although several businesses treat customer relations as the zenith of their challenges, new technologies have been reinvented to aid this pain point of startups.

The most conventional ways include search engine marketing, social ads and public relations. We are introducing a new strategic method that is set a part from other customer acquisition tactics. Your competitors may not be your competitors at all, but rather an opportunity for a more effective customer acquisition strategy.

Social channels on the web are considered to be the new ‘word of mouth’ marketing medium. They are heavily useful for web traffic generation, user base growth and brand awareness enhancement. Modern organizations tapping these digital channels for customer care and retention effectively differentiate their brands from those who don’t.

Another key thing to consider in your acquisition technique plan is to know your competitors. Track their social channels and analyze their performance. It is also recommended that you build a profile of their stance in your market by identifying their own differentiators, or USP’s (unique selling proposition). And whether they are price- oriented or public relations- driven. That way you can maintain the relevance of your brand in the market and determine gaps that you need to fill in order to differentiate yourself.

Apart from that, you can also keep track of the feedback from your competitors’ customers via their social channels. Find room for improvement and rebrand your name, by covering for their weaknesses and applying it to your standard operations.

According to Salesforce marketing research, excellent customer care on social channels can drive new customer acquisition and lower your branding, marketing, and advertising costs.

Excellent customer care on social channels can drive new customer acquisition and lower your branding, marketing, and advertising costs.

With the social web, there’s a complete shift of paradigm on the marketing tradition. If your social networks put customer care on top, it will generate positive word of mouth referrals and slowly build your brand.

New customers in your network will then share their excitement about the products and services you offer, resulting in a domino effect of progressive lead generation.

To sum it up, the key for efficient company growth is creating several different channels to attract customers. Although customer retention opens another avenue of an even tougher challenge, keeping your consumers in charge of your operations is always ideal.

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