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Outbound to Social Lead Generation

In the beginning, startup companies in various business fields face the challenge of attracting potential customers. Picking a way to do it, then learning how, what the most effective approach is, what works and what doesn’t. Founders find themselves drifting away from their primary job while struggling with marketing techniques designed to help their businesses.


Basically, you have a number of choices in how to do it. Classic outbound marketing, which is a whole bunch of work, but yields little result. Sending emails to strangers and calling them all day is not effective and by the opinion of many, it never was. While trying to reach them, you don’t have a clue if they really need what you are offering. And 9 out of 10 people will say no anyway, especially if it’s an unknown brand. There is a reason why they call it “interruptive marketing”. Of course the outbound is still alive, but only because there are people practically working like machines. They got very good at this technique after years of experience and have made peace with the statistics of potential success. Startups don’t have years to spend.

Lead Generation

This is a more subtle approach. It is an inbound marketing methodology segment, with promising results. Lead generation is responsible for listing customer’s interests into products and services. It can also turn a curious visitor into a lead. It generates quality sales leads tailored for your business and industry.

Lead generation methodology is commonly executed using the purchase funnel. What this means is that the potential consumer will pass through 5 stages before purchasing the product or a service - awareness, opinion, consideration, preference, purchase. Every step is a unique communication piece with the customer. The first sale is crucial. After you make that, you can confidently say that you are securing your company growth with each client. Content syndication is among the most popular products, along with Webcast, and Mobile app approach. Distribute relevant content through relevant websites, social media, newsletter and apps used on mobile devices.

Social Lead Generation

We are in the second decade of the 21st Century; nearly everybody uses at least one of the social media platforms on offer. Social lead generation is a way of cutting down some costs. If you focus your content right (reviews, ratings, Q&A, relevant statistics etc), all you have to do after that is use a few accounts to spread it out. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are a nice start. Of course, there are lot of social media out there, like Pinterest or Instagram, that will give you a chance for viral content, if you use them right.


This method of presenting yourselves in front of your visitors is still effective - for the means of customer acquisition. It gives you space to concentrate on providing quality to your customer, without spending your time trying to convince them. For a start, Social lead generation is the best way to go, the users are very responsive and they convert easily. By the time the customer gets to your door, they are already determined that you have what they need..

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