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Lead Generation Through Social Media

Wouldn't it be nice, if you just had to deal with offers of products or services that you showed interest in? No commercials, telemarketing phone calls, spammy mail?

This is probably the conversation that the two friends share over drinks after a hard day's work. Let’s see how the Lead generation methodology can help your business to not become a part of this conversation, but rather a subject of praise.

Find your target audience

The first mistake that companies make while trying to market their stuff, is to push it to everyone. The theory behind this action is to be persistent, and maybe after contacting one hundred people and share the information with them, you’ll get lucky and 4 or 5 of them will be interested in what you have to say. I had an experience from way back, where one of the many Indian firms which sells likes and followers online, contacts every firm, company or group in order to sell. Simply, no! This is the point where the social media comes in handy, but if you use them right.

Find the people who already talk about the things that you offer 24/7, and target only them. Search for groups, pages, topics.. You can do it via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit (probably the best way to go), etc. Use multiple channels to locate them. Remember, you don’t need any attention, you need the right attention.

The key of finding people is knowing them better. Earlier, we've described how to use competitors, to know your customers better.

Promote and share useful content

There probably isn’t one single web page that doesn’t have a blog tab. They give out useful info, breakthroughs in your business field, news, product reviews and basic “how to” tips. Content also proves your expertise on this matter, and gives out confidence to your visitors. The topics that they would be interested in - the content of value. It’s most definitely that the right content such as ebooks and various working kits will bring you lots of conversions. Facebook and Twitter are the best way to do that, through sharing and retweeting.

Sharing a good content is not an easy job. This is there the content curation software comes to help. My preferred tools are Prismatic, Crate, Curated.

Collect information about your leads

When the visitor of your website or a social media account becomes a lead by giving you his email and other info, you should always look to find out more about them. What’s the thing they need? What are their online habits? You might start off with the social media, but in the end it leads them straight to your landing page and website. There is a useful plugin called Leadin built for websites. It might help you find out all that. As for the social media, that’s a piece of cake - look into their liked pages and groups, what kind of stuff are they into etc.

Business intelligence API's like FullContact, ClearBit, or Pipl would fit that need nicely.

Analyze your leads

Try to figure out your next move by giving some thought about what you learned about your leads. What did they like about your website? To which content did they respond well? Knowing this will help you to find out what they need, which was your goal all along.

Be aware what marketing channels bring best leads to your business.

Collect as many metrics as you can, with Google Analytics, MixPanel or GoSquared.

Get in touch

When it all steps in its place - collected information and analysis, you are ready to respond to them with constructive ideas. After all, you’ve done your homework. Now, it’s not really important if you’ll make the call or respond online. And it’s not important which industry you represent. You now have all the right angles to turn leads into customers.

Like their posts, reply to their questions, start turning your lead into real opportunity. Act today!


This is a carefully selected strategy of the social media lead generation that will surely expand your customer list. Surely you’ll become a subject of praise, which will turn your customers into promoters too.

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