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Know Your Customers

What's the most important metric by which you measure the success of your company? There are numerous different opinions on this topic, but I bet all the entrepreneurs would say that it's growth.

Paul Graham has a wonderful blog post, there he says, is one most important goal that all startups should achieve - to grow faster.

A startup is a company designed to grow fast

Whatever your primary metric is, the growth of your business is equivalent to the growth of your customer base. Or if you prefer - the growth of the sales.

In both cases, the primary problem that founders have is: "How and where do I get my customers?".

Wonderful book Lead Generation: 21st Century strategies to ignite your sales by Laurel McLay, defines so-called Lead Generation Machine, the process that describes a full cycle of lead gen for every company.

Lead generation is a powerful technique for fueling the growth.

First and the most important step is to know your customers. What does it mean?

Building a Personas

As a founder or a salesperson, you have to have a clear image of the targeted group you’re going after (age, profession, lifestyle, common interests, problems).

The companies, who knows their customers really well can define so-called Marketing Personas. Building a Personas is a vital step of a lead generation and sales.

Typically, Persona is the combination of such information,

Job Titles

What's your customer doing, who are they? Designers, Restaurants, Mechanics or Entrepreneurs like you? This information will of course reflect the niche of your product or service. It’s never bad move to narrow it down as much as you can.


Making this profile of your customers would allow you to market your product or service more easily and definitely with more efficiency.

Making this profile of your customers would allow you to market your product or service more easily and definitely with more efficiency.

  • income level
  • gender
  • age
  • buying habits
  • geographic location
  • family status (children or no children)

Goals and Problems

What goals do they have? How can you help them achieve their goals? What problems are they usually facing? You must always be ready to jump on the chance to be there and listen to the customers answers and problems.

Knowing that information, will empower your sales funnel. It takes a lot of time and effort to build such personas. But there is a trick.

Know your competitors to know your customers

Get to know your competitors to know your customers.

Understanding your competitors is an authoritative knowledge. We living in social media era, and all your competitors have social channels, through which they are engaging with their targeted audience.

Learn about your potential customers from your competitors.

Social channels are a great source of information. It will help you understand your customers, define the personas and do a laser-focused marketing.

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