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How to Reach Your Competitors Audience

Competitors audience is a powerful lead generation source. It could boost your sales or give priceless information, in case you know how to reach it.

Reaching out to those people could build a new acquisition channel for your business. I'd like to describe an approach that could bring up to 250 warm leads to your business every month.

1. Identify your competitors

There is no business without competitors unless of course you are Elon Musk. Knowing your competitors is crucial for a number of reasons.

Almost all competitors have social channels. Twitter is a must-have if you are a SaaS or E-commerce business. Companies use Twitter as a medium to communicate with their customers.

As an example, assume I'm building a new analytics tool for web applications, I have some quite famous competitors such as Mixpanel, KissMetrics and GoSquared.

It's always a good idea, to go and check how active your competitors are on Twitter; Do they have a lot of followers? Do their customers engage with their content? If they do, they could be a good source for lead generation.

2. Create a monitoring campaign

We will use a tool SocialSearch to monitor competitors and generate warm leads out of their social channels.

Create new campaing

Once you've registered you can create a new "Campaign".

3. Identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Knowing your competitors is not enough. Like any social network, Twitter is full of outdated and fake profiles. Moreover, not everyone who is following your competition is the right customer for you.

It's important to filter out the prospects that resonate with your business. To do this you must understand and define your "Ideal Customer Profile", often referred to as a "Buying Persona".

SocialSearch uses a persona-based scoring algorithm to ensure that the leads we find match your "Ideal Customer" profile.

A better understanding of your ICP will lead to higher quality results. With SocialSearch's persona builder you can rank the leads based on the following parameters:

  • Geographical Position (Location)
  • Activity
  • Bio Keywords
  • Number of followers
  • Account Age
  • Organization
  • Engagement

Create new persona

You can define as many personas as you need and then filter your leads list based on them.

4. Launch your Campaign

As soon as your Campaign and IPC are ready, you're ready for launch.

It might take up to 30 minutes to collect all the data we need so there's no need to stay on the dashboard, we'll send you an email notification once your data is ready.

5. Promote your Prospects to Leads

Now you have the data. Thanks to IPC filtering and sorting, the most relevant prospects will appear on top. It's time to deep dive into monitoring results.

Having the most important information at the tips of your fingers, you can now manually go through the list and pick up the most interesting prospects to you.

Promoting prospects to leads is more than simply moving data from one folder to another. You activate SocialSearch's secret sauce function - enriching profiles using business intelligence.

We apply our algorithms to find as much information as possible on a particular lead. When the process completes you will have a prospect's homepage, organization, demographics, social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and email address.

Now you are fully charged to outreach.

6. Act on your Leads

It's time to act. What we see as efficient tactics:

Automate Twitter Campaigns.

Start to engage with your leads on Twitter. Follow them, add to lists or write Direct Messages (once you mutually follow each other).

We will keep history of interactions, so you are always up to date.

Automate Cold Email Campaigns.

Cold email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools. Depending on your sales volumes, you can simply paste emails from SocialSearch to you mail client and write a message.

But it doesn't work that good at scale.

At SocialSearch we use and recommend a tool that specializes on that problem, called Reply. All you have to do is export your leads as a CSV file and upload it to Reply.

Your cold email campaign is automated and bringing valuable responses.

That's it - Happy social outreach.


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