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Here We Go is a Germany- based marketing solutions delivery startup launched this year. Its flagship service is aligned to modern lead generation with multiple connections to various social media.

The marketing startup was founded by Alex Beletsky after he became the CEO of another starter company, which aggregates social behavior information across several social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Just like several companies on the making, the team encountered series of ups and downs after struggled to find a sustainable business model. The team took the challenge and made use of his professional expertise in social media API's and prolonged problem validation until he founded

SocialSearch helps marketers and founders build a stable lead generation technique primarily focused on effective utilization of social media on the same niche. The service also allows customers to monitor its competitors by sneaking at their social channel statistics, run acquisition programs and identify engaged users. Engaged user profiles are also enhanced with its built-in technology combined with a third-party business intelligence API to leverage its reach to targeted audience.

With data provided by SocialSearch analytics, marketers can directly contact potential customers and run most accurate ad campaigns to engaged users. The site also provides a feature- rich dashboard which tracks acquisition campaigns, number of potential leads, actual conversations and a lot more.

The company was launched in private beta on May 2015 earning 300 initial signups for the first few weeks.

The journey begins!

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